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Polar and Alpine Microbial Collection

PAMC cannot provide deposit and delivery service anymore.
For more information, please contact curators listed in contact page.

What is PAMC?

Polar and Alpine Microbial Collection (PAMC) is a culture collection established by Korea Polar Research Institute (KOPRI) in 2012. As a culture collection dedicated to polar and alpine microorganisms, PAMC holds approximately 6,500 strains originated from Arctic, Antarctic, and alpine areas. PAMC provides biological materials as well as information. The search tools of PAMC are based on keywords such as taxonomy, geographical origin, habitat and physiological characteristics. PAMC will support the scientists who have had no opportunity to visit polar and alpine areas by providing biological research resources. In addition, PAMC will contribute to the development in the extreme life sciences.

Mission of PAMC

Mission of PAMC